Bursting Strength Measuring Machine Microprocessor Controlled.(Both Board & Paper)
  • Model : GEC-P40104-E
  • Brand : Global Engineering
  • Origin : India
  • Application : Bursting Strength Tester measures Bursting Strength of strong Paper, Solid Fiber board, Corrugated Board, Film, Tissue, Nonwovens, Textiles, Geo-textiles, Tobacco Leaf and other similar materials by submitting it to increasing uniform hydraulic pressure. Bursting strength is a widely used measure of resistance to rupture in various materials. A test specimen is held between two circular clamps and subjected to an increasing pressure from a rubber diaphragm. The rubber diaphragm is expanded by a controlled hydraulic pressure until the test specimen ruptures. The bursting strength (B.F.) of the specimen is the pressure reading at the time of rupture. Microprocessor control provides a high level of accuracy and excellent reproducibility of test results.
  • Applicable Standards : TAPPI T-493, TAPPI T-807, T-810, ASTM D774, ASTM D2529, D738, AS/NZ 1301, 438,403, ISO 2758, CPPA D.8 & ISO 2759, DIN 53141, SCAN P24, SCAN P25.

Compression strength tester: Manual CS Tester to measure load bearing capacity.

Moisture Tester : To measure how much moisture does it contain.

GSM Tester : To measure paper and Board GSM( Grams per Square Meter).